Learning Much

Although very new in this journey, it has been an experience for sure.  I am researching

I think this will be my new look

what it means to be a pastor through books and conversations with senior pastors.

Check out these quotes from a puritan on the role of a pastor:
  • When we have led them to the living waters, if we muddy it by our filthy lives, we may lose our labour, and they be never the better.
  • Preach to yourselves the sermons which you study…when your minds are in a holy, heavenly frame, your people are likely to partake of the fruits of it.
  • We must study as hard how to live well, as how to preach well.
  • Lose no time! Study, and pray, and confer, and practice; for in these four ways your abilities must be increased. Take heed to yourselves, lest you are weak through your own negligence, and lest you mar the work of God by your weakness.
Reading this book has been a great exercise…it shows how important a pastor is to a church, but it also raises the bar very high on the pastor’s spiritual life and focus. The pastor should be the model of a spiritual life, at all times.
New Desk.jpg
My New Desk…Thanks Maddie!
Last night I lay in bed wide eyed.  I was praying to God, “What am I getting ready to step into?”  All that I have learned in two days was hitting me like a ton of bricks.  The weight of being a shepherd of a group of people is overwhelming.  Satan has been beating me down.  He is trying to scare me from the call I have accepted.  He whispers in my head, “You can’t do this. You are going to mess these people up. The blame will be on you.” Sleep evaded me. But our God is good! God has called me for a reason.  When God directs, His children need to follow.
I want to thank all of you for praying during this transitional time. I get multiple phone calls a day from my prayer partners, and so many encouraging Facebooks and emails.  🙂
I would ask you to pray for me on the following date:
April 10 – preaching at Plano Baptist Church
Please pray that I can boldly teach God’s Word and minister to the brothers and sisters at that church.
…until the next step…

8 thoughts on “Learning Much

  1. Jeff,
    Praying fiercely for you! Asking God to give you a double portion of strength, peace, wisdom and JOY!
    Don’t fear the unknown- God knows, and that is a blessed assurance!


  2. I have seen you in action several times over the years and I know without a doubt that you will be a wonderful pastor. I have seen your love in the Mission field to bring the lost to know Jesus Christ. I have seen you as the spiritual leader of your own family & look at the Godly young women you have raised in the process! Jeff, you got this!! Love, Margie


  3. Because God has called you,
    know that he will equip you. You might be surprised by the gifts that show up as you need them, and you never knew that you had them. Our awesome God is about the business of making much of himself, so don’t get bogged down by introspection. Only lift your hands up to him and admit your need for him to give you what you need, when you need it…that’s what he did for the first church apostles and is still doing that. No fear…only faith!!


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