The White Shoes

IMG_3637I love the white shoes! They always bring me a smile.  These are my dad’s shoes.  He really wore them…in the day when people wore white shoes:) I have worn these shoes on occasion.  When I do, I can’t stop grinning.  I might as well wear jingle bells, because every time I take a step, I giggle.  I am looking at these shoes right now grinning.  They bring such joy.  I have never been able to get rid of them because they bring joy. It isn’t like I wear them everyday. I don’t even display them in all their glory.

     There are things in life that bring us joy.  I know these are just shoes, but they are a blessing. If I really look at my life, I see many blessings.  My girls (Mary Beth, Annye, and Maddie) complete me.  They are fun, funny, intelligent, loving … etc. My friends care for me.  Each day I have contact with people who sharpen me and make me laugh.  Family, checkered vans, popcorn and the list of things that bring joy could go on. Joy after joy, we always need to look for these in our lives.  God has made us all individuals with particular mindsets that have particular joys.  Joy takes us to places that allow us to see life in a great light.
     Satan likes us to have joys, but not the simple joys of life. The ones that are complex and controlling. He wants us to have joys in things that consume us. Consume us in such a way it pulls our attention away from God.  This will never bring true joy.  They just bring frustration.
     I would encourage you all to take some time at the end of your week and seek out what has been bringing you joy. Is it joy that brings you closer to God or drives you away?
     This week has been an active week.  I have had many meetings, great times of reflection, and some enriching time with God.  I have had rough times though.  Knowing you have a call, but having to wait for direction is tough for a pastor.  When I was called into the ministry back in 1991, God didn’t reveal His direction for me until 1993.  It was 2 years of not knowing the plan or where I was headed. But it was a 2 great years of spiritual growth.
     I would appreciate prayers. Pray for patience as I wait on the Lord.  Pray for a hunger for God’s Word as it is what sustains me.  Pray for discernment as I have conversations with churches. My desire is to go where the Lord wants me.
     I would ask you to pray for me this Sunday as I preach at Plano Baptist Church. Please pray that I can boldly teach God’s Word and minister to the brothers and sisters at that church.
     …until the next step…

One thought on “The White Shoes

  1. Those shoes brought a smile to my face also! I pray for your family daily & that God will direct you in the way you should go. 🙏🏻❤️


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