The Odd Things We See

IMG_3634I laughed for a while as images conjured up in my head of this novelty. But after a couple days of thought, a spiritual insight hit me. How many of us choose to live dirty, not so Holy, lives seen by others? This bad lifestyle is hiding the key(Christ) to life. Those who live like that are viewed how I viewed the novelty: in shock, in wonderment, and questioned.

Believers, we are not meant to be seen like this. We are to be a light on a hill…salt of the earth…not something unpleasant.

Thank you all for praying for me as I preached at Plano Baptist. It was such a great Sunday! I thank Pastor Rob for allowing me to preach. Everyone please pray for him as he heals up from eye surgery. He still cannot see well and his voice is messed up from having breathing tubes in.

As I continue to study becoming a senior pastor, I found a nice list of expectations:
This work must be done purely for God and the salvation of souls.
This work must be done in diligence.
This work must be done prudently and orderly.
This work must focus on God’s Word.
Your teachings must be as simple as possible for others to understand.
This work must be carried out in humility.
In this work you need to challenge and encourage others.
In this work you must be zealous in all parts.
The whole of your ministry must be with tender love for the people.
You must carry on your work with patience.
You must view your work as reverent.
All work must be done spiritually.
Keep up with how the Lord works in others’ lives.
Your work must be done with a realization that you are very insufficient for the work without Christ.
In this work attention must be kept on the good of the church as a whole.

That is a pretty good list:) Comment if you would add anything else to this list. I would like to hear what you think.

…until the next step…


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