Great Week of Learning!

What another great week of transition!!! Two things really stood out to me, (one) Together for the Gospel and (two) this week’s church visit.

T4GTogether for the Gospel (T4G) ( was this past week in Louisville, KY.  I did not physically go there, but I watched the live streaming.  It was amazing!!! The teachings are not online yet, but they will be soon. I would encourage you all to watch them when there are up. My favorite was Mark Dever’s! Here are a few of my favorite quotes:
    • It is not for us (pastors) to plan for the numerical end. The RESULTS ARE IN GOD’S HANDS.  We can give the Gospel, only God can give the faith.
    • Everyone wants to change the world but nobody wants to do the dishes.
    • The church’s greatest enemies are inside the church, not outside it.  
    • Don’t look to entertain the congregation, but to share the Scripture with them.
He really spoke highly of how the pastor should focus on preaching the Word. The pastor should use numbers as a guide, not as a personal success marker.  Dever said you might see yourself as a failure if you only had 10 baptisms when you wanted 50. He said you should be thankful to be able to pour into 10 lives that God brought you. God grows the church by His speed. That being true…this should be even more reason for a pastor to be spiritually focused on God.
During this transition, I will visit a south central Kentucky church each week I am not preaching.  I do this to see how various churches do worship. I follow-up with a visit to the pastor to ask him questions about his church.
This week I went to Mission Church.  They meet in Briarwood Elementary.  The pastors are Eric Baker and Justin Crowe. This church has a blended worship and verse by verse preaching. This Sunday’s (4/17) message was delivered by Pastor Eric.  It was on divorce (Mt 5:31-32). I was very intrigued to see how he would tackle this difficult topic.  He preached for an hour and beautifully exegeted this passage.  He gave some great points and superb take-aways, but check it out IMG_0115rc
I am excited to announce that the Carlisle family is closer to knowing where we might be in ministry 🙂
…until the next step…

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