FullSizeRender.jpgMay 1st, I will preaching in view of a call at Oakland Baptist Church.  My family and I are super excited! It is a beautiful church up the road about 15 minutes. We will be able to stay in our home and Maddie will be able to stay at BGHS.  Here is the link for the church … Please be in prayer for Oakland Baptist Church and the Carlisles as we seek the Lord’s direction this Sunday at 10:30am. 

During the process of seeking the church that God has called me to, many people have been curious on how the pastor search process works. I would like to take some time to share how it works.  The church chooses a group of people to be on a search committee.  They are given authority from the church to start seeking a pastor.  There will be a block of time that the search committee will collect resumes.  These said resumes will come from candidates, suggestions of others, or from various organizations. 

Once they have the resumes, the committee will start to narrow down the pile.  As a group they will pick the top candidates.  Committees are different at this point.  Some might send candidates a questionnaire.  They will for sure request audio or video sermons to listen to.  

Next will come the initial interviews with the candidates.  Through prayer and IMG_3758

The weekend of the trial sermon is very busy.  There will be a day for all the leadership committees to talk to the pastor, there will be a meet and greet gathering for all the church to get to know the pastor, and of course the trial sermon. Upon finishing the sermon, the church will vote on the candidate. If the numbers are favorable and the candidate accepts the call, the church will have a new pastor.

I hope this helps you understand the process a little better:)  Thank you all for praying for us in the journey.  It seems God is bringing the wilderness chapter of my ministry to a close and starting the chapter of me being a senior pastor.  WOW! So excited!!!

…until the next step…


3 thoughts on “BIG NEWS!!!

  1. You know that I will be lifting you up in prayers as I have been all along! I know God has great things in store for you & your precious family! I will miss seeing you all the time greatly but I know the excitement your family must feel Mary Beth will make an excellent pastors wife! Happy for Maddie staying in same school I know how much that must mean to her! Love you all so very much!❤️


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