moving crew

This Monday, a crew of friends, Mary Beth, and I loaded up a trailer to take all my books and such from where they were stored to their new home at Oakland Baptist Church. It was surreal driving down the highway seeing 23 years of ministry on a trailer.

Everything was quickly unloaded to a couple of storage areas (my office is being painted Wednesday), and some furniture was moved around, and then the fun began!  The day was filled with food treats, friendly faces stopping by, phone calls, texts, cards, and Facebook messages. I was blown away by the love of brothers and sisters in Christ from many different seasons of life!  It means so much to hear so many are still praying for us.

I had some great conversations with staff about OBC life. It was an amazing day!!! I started

Great first day!!

the day moving at 8am and before I knew it…it was 4pm.  I sat in my chair at 4pm and was like, “This is unbelievable! Thank you Lord for blessing me with a great body of people to grow in the Lord with.”

I ask that you continue praying.  I don’t take the role of shepherding lightly.  I want to effectively teach God’s Word, pray, and fellowship with this group of believers.  I strongly desire to lead an Acts 2 church.  Pray that I will humbly seek the Lord daily…that I will seek to know more and more about God’s Word… that I will seek to know and serve the people, and that I am sensitive to the Holy Spirit as it leads.
All I had was an old pic. I had to add his hipster glasses:)

I want to share about a volunteer this week. Brandon Lee serves in the tech ministry at OBC.  He is a ninja of technology.  This brother has been Johnny-on-the-spot with getting me an office computer. I have bombarded him with many questions, and he answered above and beyond.  I have apologized for my inquiries, and his was response was “Hey, I’m just taking care of my pastor.”  Such a super humble man willing to do what it takes…amazing!

Wonder what day 2 of work will look like?  🙂
…until the next step…

3 thoughts on “THE FIRST DAY

  1. Prayers for you and your family my brother! You will be greatly missed but we will look forward to what God does through you and your family!


  2. Hey, I would have helped you move but I didn’t know about it! I pray for you & your family daily! Miss seeing you so much! Love to your family!! ❤️


  3. I’m so excited for this new chapter of life and ministry and that God already had in place the people to assist, love and embrace you, Mary Beth and the girls. Oakland BC has gotten a greatly gifted man and a marvelous family to add to her family of faith.


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