A Great First Week!

What an unbelievable week! Moving into the office, visiting with members, preparing and 13173055_10153793998618392_2871389542702414529_opreaching two times, seniors luncheon, installation service, etc. Oakland has shown so much love and care over the past week. I know I am in the honeymoon stage, but I love being the lead pastor:)

One thing I am trying to do is get my mojo down with daily scheduling. I love studying God’s Word, but if not checked I get lost in researching and forget that I have other things to do for the church.  I know some pastors will schedule a little bit of sermon-prep-1024x575sermon prep each day. It is really neat meditating on the verses I will preach as I drive back and forth to OBC.  I am going to preach verse by verse through Acts, and I am so jazzed.

OBC has three services a week.  I will be preaching Acts on Sunday morning.  Sunday night I will be teaching a Lifeway material called The Disciples Path.  It is a real neat study walking through what we as disciples should be.  Then on Wednesday night, there will be a guided prayer time.  This time will focus on praising God, confessing sin, thanksgiving, praying for our friends and family, praying for the coming Kingdom, and praying for our leaders.  After a time of prayer, I will teach a passage of Scripture with what remaining time there is. Everything is subject to the Spirit’s change.

This past Sunday was my installation service.  I had some great men of God who have i13220549_10153798556863392_8841985704272593599_ompacted my life testify and pray for me. Brother John Mark gave a powerful message of what the church is and charged me as the new pastor of OBC. Afterwards, the church had a dessert fellowship…because that is what OBC does:) It was a great time of fellowship and food! My family was blessed beyond belief with all the acts of kindness and love given by the church.

IMG_8367Volunteer of the Week: This week’s spotlight is on Charles Rector, deacon and trustee.  He is such a humble servant. He came into the office, sat down, and said, “Well pastor, what do you need?” First thing that came to my mind was that I was an inch or 10 taller than Brothers Tim and John Mark. It sure would be nice if the pulpit was higher. The next day, I didn’t have to bend over as much to read the Bible 🙂 I praise God for people using their giftedness.

…until the next step…


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