Two Things I Have Learned About the Church

Two weeks, eight messages, and a lot of learning pretty much sums up my time so far as a lead pastor.  I am starting to learn how my schedule is going to  be for each week.  This will help with my time management:)  During the past two weeks, there are some things that stood out that a lead pastor needs to do.

  1. Spend large amouNew-Bible-Hi-Res-JPGnts of time in the Word.  Be it reading or meditating on God’s Word is vital for my role as pastor.  The people of OBC are hungry for the Word. What I am praying through is how to equip the people.  I am preaching through the book of Acts on Sunday morning. I am doing theology and discipleship on Sunday night.  And I am thinking I will start character studies on Wednesday night.  I desire OBC to be very Bible literate and want to do what I can to help in that cause.  Three messages a week plus many biblical conversations require me to be in and know God’s Word.reverend-clipart-people-in-church-doorway
  2. The church is the people.  I never want to forget this.  What OBC is teaching me is the people matter.  There is such a rich legacy of family here. People that want to know God. People that want to serve God.  I want to work together with the people to be the church that God wants us to be.  I am so excited to do life with these people.

VolunteeFullSizeRender (2)r of the Week: Deon Benson! This past Wednesday and Sunday nights, Deon has played piano for some hymnal singing before we study God’s Word.  Such a humble servant to step up to the piano and play.  And boy…can he play!  OBC is blessed to have some skilled musicians!

…until the next step…


One thought on “Two Things I Have Learned About the Church

  1. thanks for the update. I remember those 3 a week messages. Paul Washer once said, preaching is like mowing the grass, no matter how good you do it one week, it’s got to be mowed the next week. But be faithful and persevere and God will reward the faithful teaching of His word with much fruit.


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