Blood is Thicker Than Water

Tommy Carlisle

Ministry is being a part of a family, a big family.  The more people in the family, the more personalities there are.  This makes family holidays interesting:)  I had a pretty big family.  There were 5 of us siblings.  My dad would constantly say, “Blood is thicker than water.  Your family is always there for you. Even if you don’t agree with them, and might be mad at them, they are still your family. And you never leave your family.”  Those are good words to live by.  In ministry, these words apply too, but in a different way.  Blood is thicker than water.  But not due to a biological connection. The blood that ties the people of a church together is that of Jesus Christ.

This means church members are a spiritual family.  OBC is a great example of this.  These believers really take a vested interest in each other.  These past 3 weeks I have heard men talking about how they can repair a house of a person with limited resources. People talking about mowing widow’s lawns.  People cooking food for families.  Prayers and cards, there is an ernest care for those in pain.  It is amazing to see.  

I can really see 1 Corinthians 12 with OBC.  There are many parts of the body…everybody has their role.  The leaders of the church do their job well.  During the time without a pastor, the leaders kept the church going.  Now that I am here, they continue to do their tasks, but want to make sure I have what I need.  My role is the spiritual guardian.  I really need to get a business card with that on it:) I preach, teach, counsel, and care for those of the body with the Word of God.  Together, we are the church.  LOVE IT!

Just like any family, there are certain ones who love to get dirt on you. I used, as a teaching

My Buddy

example, a sleep prop that I have.  It is a ratty old bean bag pillow.  I brought it to the lesson and people stared at it in amazement. You would think I was waving around gold.  Currently, there are efforts being made to kidnap my pillow. Bribes have been made to Mary Beth, but she has remained strong.  I would imagine they will try to get my kids next. This means they love me, right?  Jokes and kidnappings, just mean they like me, right?

FullSizeRender 2
Karen Rector

Volunteer of the Week: Karen Rector is the leader of the senior adult ministry.  Every Friday, she coordinates a meal with a speaker for a group of over 30 seniors.  She is very compassionate about what she does.  Her humble, servant attitude is amazing, and her love for others fills the room with warmth.  OBC is blessed to have her in this position.

…until the next step…


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