24th Anniversary!!!

13394194_10153686440855872_7109896454459323014_nLast week I did not post a blog. I apologize. I was occupied . For I was hiking in the hills of Tennessee looking for waterfalls.  This activity is one of my wife’s favorite things to do.  We have a small tradition of looking for these beautiful wonders from God during the time of the year we celebrate our anniversary. We hike, hike, and hike some more from fall to fall.  This year we covered 18 miles of trails to see 9 waterfalls.  As usual, we got some good memories from the trip and sermon illustrations:) Oh yeah, and a tick, yuk:(

Getting away with your spouse is a good thing. Especially when it deals with an anniversary.  It is a good time to remember the past, enjoy the present, and be excited about the future. Even though my body was completely exhausted physically, I was energized mentally and spiritually from being with Mary Beth.

Volunteer of the week at OBC: Mary Beth Carlisle.  My bride is many things13432411_10153686440745872_6933727986682183213_n.  She is a passionate believer of Jesus Christ.  She serves in the church boldly and actively…not because she is a pastor wife, but because she loves the church. She is a humble servant.  She helps wherever needed.  Just this past week, a Sunday School teacher was not able to make it to teach.  That morning ,with no notice she taught a children’s class. I am amazed at all she can do! She is a blessing to the church, my family, and me.

… until the next step …


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