The Grill is Open

southerncookingI love to cook. And like any southern cook, I get excited to see when someone enjoys something that I prepare.  It gives me great pleasure to see this.  The time, and sometimes struggle, it took with the dish is soon forgotten due to the enjoyment. When I have success in cooking, I desire to cook more.

Preparing messages is similar to cooking. Each week, I sit down and prepare 3 messages for the people of OBC. It takes time, prayer, research, and thought, but to hear people’s responses to the spiritual meal is such a blessing. 

It is common for members and attenders to come on Sunday.  What truly amazes me though are the amount of people that come on Wednesday and Sunday nights. People that are hungry for the word of God. The teaching is not light weight…it is pretty deep.  We are not eating chicken nuggets, we are dining on a 3 course meal.

OBC, I will keep on cooking as long as you want to eat:) Being a body of believers that wanna digest the Word of God is such a blessing and honor to my family and me.  

Volunteer of the Week: Darren Parrish.  This man is truly amazing. H13490660_10153887702893392_517648936202411981_oe plays in worship and helps where he can. Just a couple of weeks ago he led the music time of VBS. This past week, he went around with a group from VBS and sang at some shut-in’s houses.  What a blessing this was.  I am thankful for people like Darren that use his abilities to glorify our Lord.

…until the next step…


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