startrekSunday, I watched an episode of Star Trek called “Day of the Dove.” This alien, a ball of energy, pitted a group of Klingons vs a small group of the crew from the Enterprise. The alien would do things to get the groups mad at each other.  This frustration and anger fed the alien.  This little thing kept on stirring the pot in such a way, that  no one could concentrate on their mission.  The two forces just wanted to kill each other and fight.

Watching this episode, and thinking about the issues going on in our country…you would think we have a little energy alien in the USA stirring up all kinds of trouble.  We don’t have an alien, but we do have Satan.  Satan is stirring up trouble, which causes believers to have a hard time focusing on the mission that Christ has given to us.

Captain Kirk figured out that to defeat the alien, all people involved couldn’t cater to their anger and hate. Hmmm. So why don’t we focus JUST on Christ? You might say, “There will be no justice.” But we see in the Old and New Testament our Lord is the Judge and he will take care of it. “But our country is ruined because of what politics have done to it,” others might say.  But, we are just passing through this world and our task is to boldly share Christ.  The good thing about focusing on Christ is that we focus on loving others.  If every professing Christian in our country did that…could you imagine!!! 

I want to encourage you all…Focus on Christ! Pray for the believers in this country to live their faith. Lord, give us the strength that we need.

OBC volunteer of the week: Justin McChesney serves in many roles at the church. 13603358_10102760674797782_5303288387450026265_o (1) Financial committee and tech team is what I have seen him do. He gives his time to help the tech area of our church be the best that it can.  He researches options and helps with updating and maintaining what we have in the church.  He also works with the Financial Committee to watch over the stewardship of the church.  This is a big job.  But this group does an excellent job keeping the church on task.  Volunteers are what makes the church the church- each person has a role serving each other and those outside the church.

…until the next step…


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