What a Great Week!!!!

13708264_1195779220455446_2284005936978028258_oIt has been a busy week for OBC.  Much work for the mission trip to Eastern Kentucky was done.  There were people all throughout the week sorting and packing boxes.  It was really a neat experience for me to see so many people come out to pack the 18 wheeler on Wednesday night. The trailer was packed completely full. Everyone circled the trailer and prayed for the trip and the opportunities our people would have to share Christ.  

The team left Thursday morning and served through Saturday morning.  They worked so hard setting up the area to serve the people.  The team worked long hours in hot conditions, but great work was done.  I am so proud of how hard everyone served!

13645320_1197096233657078_2835429264641623403_nOBC also had the privilege of hearing Will B. speak about his work with refugees in Southern Europe on Sunday night.  Will said that these refugees are coming from countries that are closed to the Gospel.  Places where believers and pastors are arrested and often killed.  But now the refugees are able to hear about Jesus, without fear, and many are coming to faith.  Will encouraged us to look for ways we can have spiritual conversations and pray for others in Jesus name here in our community.  I am very thankful for people like Will and Laura who are willing to be Kingdom servants in other countries.

It has been a good week of ministry.  Thank you all for continued prayer for my family and me.  Please continue to pray for me to be a humble servant of God.  Pray that I am consumed with God’s Word and that I will seek to spend time with people of the church.

1477705_578115668910364_1604497335_nOBC volunteer of the week: Bonnie and Gerald Humphrey were the leaders of the Eastern KY mission trip.  They spent so much time picking up donations, sorting donations, working out the details, with Cedar Ridge Ministries, and leading the team during the trip. They gave so much time for the mission.  It is through leaders like the Humphreys that great things get done for the Kingdom.

…until the next step…


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