Hakuna Matata Pastor

hakuna-matata-africanUp until two months ago in ministry, I had been a staff pastor.  That had been all I had known.  I had many tasks to do, and I worked hard to complete all that was assigned to me. In that capacity, I worked through many to-do lists and when one was finished, another would develop.

Being a lead pastor so far, my work pattern has been different.  I don’t know if it comes with the position or with Oakland Baptist Church.  Three times this week members have communicated to me that the matter at hand will be taken care of. They have all relayed, “Pastor, you spend your time focusing on teaching and preaching.” At first, I was like, “that was nice.” But, then I thought, “wait a minute, do they not think I could do it?” It was baffling, because I am not used to that mentality.  

I have been thinking about this topic all week.  I was preparing for the message this coming Sunday, and it is over the verses in Acts where deacons were chosen to serve the Gentile widows.  This scripture states that because the deacons are serving in this capacity, the Apostles will have more time to teach and preach. 

My part of the body at OBC is that of preacher/teacher, caregiver, and decision-maker when needed.  That is what the people want me to do…they is what they called me to do.  This realization is very refreshing.  OBC is great community of believers.  People have been great at stepping up and leading and getting the jobs done. Now if I can just stay out of the way:)

10522375_1514733875432993_5398355090666624620_oOBC volunteer of the week: John Wayne Smith. This past couple of months, John Wayne
has been inputing books and Bible studies in a spreadsheet for the OBC library.  Not only the book name, but the table of contents.  This will be a great tool for teachers and members alike.  He has also been typing in files
for the children ministry.  I appreciate al IMG_9015.JPGthe time he has given to handling and typing in all this information.  

…until the next step…


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