Oh, So Embarassing

embarrassed-chimpSometimes, you just have to laugh at yourself.  As life speeds up, often, our minds aren’t able to keep up with it.  As I continue to learn what it means to be a lead pastor, it seems like each week there is a theme.  This week is how one can be humbled quickly.  Every week, I write quite a bit. Recently, I wrote something very below par.  I had a small block of time, and I rushed an article.  When I wrote the article, it looked fine.  I didn’t pursue a proofreader.  When someone this week brought me the printed piece, I read it, and it was like someone with a concussion wrote it.  I have to say I was really embarrassed. 

Also, this week, I said my first semi-“snerdy-word,” by accident in front of the congregation.  I partially said a word…paused…but it was too late.  The word was said and the pause was long enough to not recover what I accidentally communicated.  I turned 10 shades of red.  I bent over and just laughed.  The congregation was laughing too, but man, I was so embarrassed.

In both of these situations, I just had to laugh.  I’m not perfect.  These are small short-falls, but I know spiritually…I am a sinner. We all are.  We all fall short of the mark.  Praise the Lord our relationship with God is made right by our faith in Christ.  Amen!

OBC volunteer of the week: Alan Waller. This man is an unbelievable servant at OBC.  For13415481_10153848341008392_2464385470329797798_o example, on Fridays the seniors meet here for a program and a meal.  Alan gets to church early and prepares for the potluck, gets all the needed cutlery out, makes all the drinks, and often cooks. Then he cleans everything up.  He does this every single week.  If you are at an event at OBC and are around the kitchen, you will be sure to see Alan.  Thank you so much Alan for all you do!!!

…until the next step…


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