That Stinker!!!

Yesterday was an unbelievable day! Baptisms, great worship, and promotion Sunday for the kids were just a little of what happened.  Pastor Duane Doyle, a pastor I work with at OBC, preached and did an amazing job.  Sunday night Bible Study was one of the largest groups we have had since I started at OBC. Truly an amazing day!!!

how-to-draw-a-devil-for-kids_1_000000009607_5As glorious as Sundays normally are, for me that day is one of the hardest spiritually.  Our battle is not against the physical, but the spiritual. And right now, Satan hates my guts.  I don’t know if all pastors encounter that, but for me the struggle is real.  

I don’t care how many people positively comment on a message. I come home thinking I am the worst preacher ever.  Satan whispers in my ears, “You are the worst. How dare you even try to be a pastor. It would better for everyone if you just left the ministry.” That fallen angel is harsh. Monday morning, I wake exhausted. 

Please pray for all pastors…we need it.  But you know, I am glad Satan is coming after me.  It does show that something is being done right.  If I didn’t feel this way…would that be worse? Would that show that I am numb to the spiritual warfare going on? I definately don’t want to be blind to his ways.   Please pray for me for strength and endurance to run this race of lead pastor.  

OBC volunteers of the week: Katy and Emma Doyle. This mom and daughter IMG_4755sang yesterday at church and it was so good and sweet. It was such a special moment for this family to share in song for the church. Thank you ladies for being willing to share your God given gifts 🙂  

…until the next step…


One thought on “That Stinker!!!

  1. Jeff, I know what you are talking about BUT I failed the test a few years ago. I was so beaten and bruised that I quit teaching and now I see my mistake but you can’t work with hindsight. So proud to call you friend even if we don’t talk. Keep on doing what you are doing and you will continue to be blessed … sore but blessed! 🙂


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