Give Me An “Ear” Please:)

earsThe body has many parts. We hear that in many messages from 1 Cor. 12. Teachers and pastors will also say, “and everyone has a role in which to serve.” In the first two months at OBC, I  have taught that passage too. A person needs to be more than just a single part of the body… they need to be an integrated part with other parts. With this unity, there needs to be communication among all people… a sharing of direction and knowledge, but also listening to others.  You can’t have one without the other or there will be problems.

When I started at OBC, I pulled out the guitar to start building up my callouses so I could play long sets again. Callouses are needed to prevent discomfort from metal strings. I would play for 10 minutes and my fingers would be in agony. The first day, my mind was telling my fingers to play longer, but my fingers were saying STOP! My brain wouldn’t listen, and I would play until I couldn’t play any more. I didn’t listen to what my fingers were saying, and due to that, I was out for a day and unable to play due to the pain. When a thing/part/person doesn’t listen to warnings…bad things happen.

I have learned that as a pastor, you can expect and tell people they need to serve, but you also have to listen to the part’s thoughts, hearts, and opinions.  Are they working too hard? Are they hurt? Do they need more activity? As a pastor, if you don’t listen, you can hurt the body.   Pray that I can strive to always listen to those in my flock.  Having the ability to listen is very important as a pastor. 

OBC volunteer of the week: Shelia Harris teaches in 3 year old Sunday School and helps IMG_4429.JPGwith administration tasks in the Children’s area.  This Sunday she gave a beautiful testimony! She glorified our Lord in a great way.  I am thankful for those who step up and serve and share about how God is impacting their lives.

…until the next step…


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