I Don’t Like to Eat Alone

crazyrunninggirl.eatingaloneI very much dislike eating alone. I like to experience a good meal with people. I want to have good conversations and enjoy a quality bite to eat with others.  If I am alone though, fellowship can’t just happen.

Christians will often say, more people need to be in the church. Pastors and those in the pews, alike, will have that desire. It is not a bad one by any means. Some churches will design programs for outreach, the day will come, and people will show, but they will mostly be those involved in the sponsoring church or organization. There will be few visitors.

Be it a meal or the church growing, it involves the same thing…an invitation. If I am alone at mealtime, people are not going to realize I so much desire people to join me. I have to personally ask someone to be a part. If someone desires that more people know Jesus, then invitations need to be given. I love what the disciple Philip said to Nathanial, “Come and See.” Believers need to be asking others to Christian events (church, prayer groups, Bible studies, etc.). Invitations are a good start. 

OBC volunteer of the week: Rhonda Sweeney has been part of a team working on the 11008562_10207302487547271_26854755613603718_nbulletin boards at church. She is doing a wonderful job brightening up rooms and putting some great pictures up of OBC members serving.  I appreciate her willingness and desire to help beautify our church.

…until the next step…


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