funny_family_photos_48Holidays are a good thing.  It allows us to take a break and reflect on life.  It gives us time to be with our family and friends.  It offers us a chance to just sit around and rest.  I find it interesting that it takes a bona fide holiday for some of us to actually relax.  

I am blessed to be at a church that most people know and love each other…many are related.  This past Sunday night OBC cancelled all programming from the facility.  Even though the church didn’t meet at the building, it meet all over South Central Kentucky and beyond. It has blessed me greatly to see OBC people posting on Facebook the past couple of days the time they have spent with friends and family.  

As mentioned earlier, the people of OBC love each other. They love the church. They support the church how they can.  The past month, I have been asking for volunteers to lead a stewardship ministry.  This type of ministry deals with personal mentoring in the area of finances and classes for church members to take to help with biblical stewardship.  I am excited to announce there have been 3 men and 1 woman step-up to say they will be a part of that team! 

Gifts and abilities are so important for the body. As a pastor, I should strive to help people connect their giftedness to opportunities of service. I look forward to a day that all people understand their giftedness and seek to serve the bride of Christ.

OBC volunteer of the week: Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is such a good man.  He loves his Lord, family, and church.  He serves as the 13217554_10153800071618392_2108251377031038220_o.jpgchairman of the deacon committee.  He is such a benevolent leader.  In the three months I have been at OBC, this brother has been a huge support to his pastor and a wonderful servant to the church. 

…until the next step…


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