A First for Me

23-hilarious-photos-of-surprised-animals-15This past week I facilitated a first for me, an ordination of a man into the ministry of the Gospel. I have sat on ordinations councils, but have never been the one facilitating.  

Churches view licensing and ordination differently.  I see licensing as a process in which a church can affirm a person in a particular area of ministry. Children, youth, and music are just a few examples.  So a licensed youth ministry would be one who the church affirms his/her calling to this specific ministry. Ordination is an affirmation where a church is saying, not only do we feel you can do a certain area of ministry, but you could be an overseer of the church. You can preach, serve communion, baptize, counsel, teach, marry, bury, and lead with the highest level of trust from the church. 

Ordination is a special process for a minister, but also for the church.  This past Sunday IMG_5087r.jpgnight, OBC ordained Duane Doyle. The church said through this process, we know that you are called of God to be a pastor.  This action from the church is a huge affirmation to him and his calling. It was such a sweet time to see 135 people wait in line to lay hands on and pray for Duane.  

This was a great service!

OBC volunteers of the week: Rick and Sharon Herrington.  They are our Sunday School
img_1560-113987404_10154010649003392_8309135054489907956_o-1Directors.  They work hard to make sure we have teachers in place, that important information is passed on, that teachers have what they need to teach, and take care of attendance and whatever needs arise.  Their diligence allows us to have smooth Sunday morning in adult discipleship.

…until the next step…


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