The Family

meerkatThe “c” church (an individual church) is an amazing thing.  At OBC, I love seeing the care and support the members have for each other. The people have a deep love for the body.  It is a family. It is truly a great group of people. 

This past Sunday was the Warren Association of Baptist Annual Meeting.  This is where Southern Baptist Churches in our association come together to celebrate a year in ministry, fellowship with one another, and worship together. It was exciting to see that 1209 people were baptized in churches in our association.  I love to see many churches together, because it gives us a reflection of what the “C” church (worldwide Church) looks like.

Sadly, there wasn’t a very large crowd. Some churches don’t wish to play with others, others don’t feel it’s important to get together. Church members would rather meet at their church instead of fellowshipping with others. It is honorable to be proud of one’s church, but fellowship with other churches is important. I love the Southern Baptist Convention.  With 40,000+ churches working together, great things are done for the Kingdom here on earth.

OBC volunteer of the week is Walt Harrell.  This man is such a servant. This Friday and

Walt and John Wayne working hard

Saturday, he worked on various facility needs at the church.  Then Sunday morning, he came bright and early to cook and serve the youth at their breakfast. I am thankful for this man and his willingness to put other before himself. 

…until the next step…


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