14448840_1253659868000714_4494956760777251516_nThis past weekend was a busy one for Oakland Baptist Church. It started bright and early Saturday at Smith’s Grove Days. Duane was in line at 7am to get a spot for OBC. From then until 3 pm, members passed out water and flyers for Bow, Bait, and Burgers, an event to be held that night, to those who walked by the booth. For me, there were so many people I did not know.  This was a great opportunity for the church to have a presence at a community event and meet new people.

14462969_1254203027946398_1163300538331640858_n.jpgAfter packing up the booth, we rushed over to the church to start setting up for Bow, Bait, and Burgers.  Last year, this was called Beast Feast, but it was for men only.  The name was changed this year because the focus was changed to families.  The outdoors theme was still was still the same though.  

This event was so fun.  There were inflatables, food, and door prizes.  North Warren Elementary set up an archery range.  Cabela’s donated 50 rod and reels that we gave away to the first 50 kids.  A member allowed use his boat in which to allow the kids to practice casting into a kiddie pool.  

Through the work at the Smith’s Grove Days, boosting the Facebook page, 14492592_1254203041279730_7758983388074189581_nand members sharing about the event with friends and family, there was a great turn out.  There were many people that did not attend the church there. Joe Bufford was the guest evangelist for the night.  He did an amazing job connecting his passion for hunting to the Gospel.  The spirit used him, because two people accepted Christ.     

IMG_5980r.jpgSunday was the church picnic at a local park.  This has happened for the past 25 years. It was a great time of fellowship, games, and I gave a short devotional about the church. There was a great turn out..  And they brought some unbelievable food.  This was a great weekend of ministry, evangelism, and fellowship.  God is good. 

OBC volunteer of the week is Larry McChesney. He gave so much time and effort for the 14352468_10102905316175302_9046485120072605477_oevents this week. There was one time I turned around to see Larry laying on the ground rolling down a folded up bouncy house to force the extra air out. Larry is such a servant:)

…until the next step…


One thought on “Let the Good Times Roll

  1. What a great church you have & some pretty great people it sounds like! Jeff, I kinda think you’re going to get fat though while you’re pastor there!!??🤔😳🙄😊


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