My Name is Preacher:)

kcjoba8diIn the Bible, we see people receive name changes. In the New Testament, Saul became Paul when his ministry started. I have a new name, Preacher. I am no longer Jeff…or even Pastor Jeff.  I am Preacher. I walk into a room, “Here comes Preacher.” I might hear, “Hey Preacher, answer me this question.” People say it with a good heart, but it still takes me off guard. 🙂 It is a good reminder of my calling. I am set aside to shepherd a flock. I am their preacher. 

The name Preacher reminds me of the old spaghetti westerns my dad used to watch on TV. There was always a “Preacher” or “Padre” working diligently to better the old dusty town he was in. He would always walk through at the right time to be asked, “Preacher, what do you think?” He was respected by most as a truth bringer.  He was seen as a point of reason.  But, he also usually got shot by the bad guys for some reason or another.  

Hopefully, I won’t get shot:) I do love the calling of the pastor as being a truth bringer.  Pastors should strive to be the guardians of the Gospel… a voice of spiritual reason, reaching out to the congregation reminding them of God’s truths. 

So at this time in my life, I am Preacher.  Pray that I will serve well. Pray that I will live for my Lord. Pray that I will always be deep in God’s Word and talk often with our father.

The OBC volunteer of the week cannot be limited to a person…it is a group.  I will not img_4562mention the names because many of these people do not desire the spotlight or attention.  These past couple of weeks there have been many people working long days to turn some of the Fellowship Hall into the children’s area of our church. There has been lots of building, painting, and moving of many items to prepare for this new area.   Others have been picking up supplies, providing advice, and bringing food to the team that was working.  It makes my heart proud to see church people step up when there was a need.  

…until the next step…


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