You Can Do It

finish-lineMotivation is tough. It is hard to do things for a repeated duration and have the initial level of excitement. Your initial passions can change to drudgery. For me, it is hard to go to the gym. Last week, due to travel and sickness, I missed a week of exercise. Do you think I had motivation to go back today?  Was I excited to get up early to raise my heart rate? I went, but it wasn’t because of motivation. I am still not feeling happy about going. 

Many aspects of our lives can become flat.  Activities that used to excite us, now…not so much. It is different for everyone.  Things like a job, a family member, a hobby, or for me even picking out something to eat can be a struggle. For some, your discipline to live for and to grow in the Lord can become difficult.  Why is that? Why do we struggle with things that are good for us? 

The struggle can be seen since the beginning. Adam and Eve were allowed to be in paradise.  They were able to be with God. They had ultimate provision, but the one thing they were not supposed to do…they did. Crazy right? We are a broken, depraved people. 

There are times in life a person just has to push through the valleys of life. For me, I have to look at the other side of the valley. I might not like the gym today, but in the end the time there will pay off.  The motivation, at this point, is replaced by discipline. It seems the fuel for motivation changes from personal desire to discipline. But, it could easily change back to desire.

SO, brothers and sisters…keep running the race.  There will be tough times…you will struggle…you will want to quit, but these feelings too will pass.  The finish line is approaching:)

The OBC volunteer of the week goes to a person who wouldn’t want a name mentioned. f618f3e5c02f2f791314ba5138074bcf.jpg This person is one of the hearts of OBC.  When this person gets word of a need, help is on the way.  Mercy and helps are just some of the spiritual gifts this person has.  I am glad there are many parts of the body! And it is glorious to see them in action.

…until the next step…


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