The Towel was Out

snoopyMonday is my day off…we all have one. The one question I have is… “why do frustrating things always happen on my day off?” Isn’t it supposed to be a day of rainbow and unicorns? Isn’t is supposed to be a perfect day of rest? It never fails that something demands my attention. The past 3 days, the Carlisle family has had 2 smart phones get severely damaged.  Of course, just little over a month ago we dropped our insurance on them after paying it for 2 1/2 years. I know, ouch! This has been a day of research and conversations with others seeking wise counsel. 

But ya know, if it isn’t phones…it’s something else. Last week it was spending the day trying to find a suit (didn’t find one 😦 ). It never fails, the days we want solitude, life breaks out in crazy very fast. Wouldn’t it be great if we could schedule our problems? If Life said, “Jeff, this week you have 4 moments of crisis.  It seems like Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 would work. Would you like for me to schedule one then?”

Things are just going to happen. It doesn’t mean we are cursed. It doesn’t mean we sinned and this bad time is our punishment. It doesn’t mean someone is out to get us. Life is just difficult at times. The one thing we all need to remind ourselves in these hard times is…the hard times exist because of the fall of humanity. Sin. Something that happened so long ago, but it still affects us today. 

Instead of looking at the issues in my life and saying, “It isn’t fair…poor me.” I need to take a moment and be thankful that God sent His Son. The world is still broken. It can’t be returned to its place of perfection until His return. But because I believe in Christ, I have salvation. These struggles in life should bring me closer to Christ.

14500629_10154131525793392_6680223355594251751_o-1The OBC volunteer of the week goes to Ben Hunt.  This brother volunteers very often with the youth ministry.  He is a great man and huge asset for the Kingdom. When the youth travel, Ben is there.  If there is a camp, he is there. If there is a need, he is there.  I am thankful for people such as Ben that take active care in the students at OBC.

…until the next step…


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