14680638_1281731675193533_3920474958750915358_nI am so proud of OBC. The past 3 weeks there has been a focus on the Eliza Broadus Offering.  It is a special offering for the State Convention.  It goes toward helping ministries all across our state. These ministries focus on getting the message of Christ out.  Currently, we are tracking above $1,850.  This is double last year’s offering.  This money will go to great causes all over the state.

Dr. Paul Chitwood spoke to OBC this past Sunday.  He delivered a powerful message of Christ’s return from the last chapter of Revelation.  As Southern Baptists, we are very fortunate to have Dr. Chitwood as our convention leader.  He has such a heart for the local church and the Gospel getting out to the world. He is a friend of OBC and I am going to try to get him back every year to preach.

14853242_1282183748481659_8760774241154736780_o.jpgLast night, we celebrated the Moody’s ministry at OBC.  Keith’s last Sunday will be October 30th.  He has served the church for the past 2 years. Please be in prayer for his family during this time. Also, pray for discernment for him to always see where the Lord is leading. I appreciate Keith’s heart and willingness to serve our Lord. 

11216237_10204862504031693_3628668108917200147_nThe OBC volunteer of the week goes to LaDonna Smith.  This godly lady…well, she does everything! She paints, cleans carpets, teaches the little ones, cooks often for the church, and faithfully participated in visiting churches to help our children’s ministry.  I think you get the picture of how involved this woman is 🙂 We are blessed as a church to have this faithful lady. 

…until the next step…


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