The Learner…Yep, That’s Me

monkey-with-glassesThese past 5 months, I have learned much about what it means to be a lead pastor of a church. I wanted to take some time in this blog to share what I have learned.  Also, this will give you some idea on how to pray for me weekly.

The first thing I learned deals with message preparation.  On a normal week, I prepare 3 messages.  These messages combined last about 2 hours, but in preparing for these messages I try to spend at least 24 hours in prayer, study, and development of these messages. Each week, I also have to prepare for future messages.  Currently, I am preparing topics for the first quarter of 2017.  This involves lots of prayer and meditation.  I don’t want to prepare messages by what I want.  I want to preach what the Lord wants me to teach. I am seeing much of a pastor’s week focuses on messages.  One of my spiritual gifts is teaching, so I love to dive into preparation. 

The second thing I am learning is about administration. There is a lot to running a church.  I have weighed in on bat removal, construction, air condition issues, sound equipment purchases, 4 outreach events, multiple fellowships, and a partnership will local schools. Every week there is something that comes up that needs attention and an opinion. 

The third thing that I am seeing where my time goes is pastoral care.  Working with people often means helping them work through many struggles.  My cell phone is published, and I have office hours during the week to be available for the people of OBC. Day and night, I am caring for the people of the body.  Biblically giving counsel and helping people work through matters that are giving them grief are just two aspects of this area of ministry .  As a shepherd, you are spending time with the sheep.  

The final point of learning, for this article, but not in the ministry:), is visionary leadership.  As a pastor, God has placed a picture of what a church looks like.  This church is not obtainable in 5 months.  It might be 5 years…it could be 25 years, but it is something I have to pray about, think about, and try to achieve for the kingdom.  Fulfilling vision takes time, meetings, and vision casting through preaching and teaching.  

Unfortunately, I can’t schedule these matters nice and clean on a calendar.  I never know when the Lord will prompt. I never know when there is a need with the facility or with the people.  I have to ride the “wave” as the church grows.  Every week brings different needs. 

Hopefully, you will read this and see ways you can pray for me in the ministry:) I love being a pastor.  I know I am called to it. It has its challenges, but the blessings far outweigh them.

The OBC volunteer of the week goes to Jonathan Howard. This brother has been hit with a calling to help local students that have physical needs.  He is passionately reaching out to those in the church to bring in winter coats and gloves for the children that have none. He is looking into ways to provide food on the weekend for children who go two days (the weekend) with little to no food.  I am thankful for his passion.

…until the next step…


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