New SBC churches at KBC

It has been a very good past few days.  I was able to go to the Kentucky Baptist Convention in Florence, Kentucky.  It was really good seeing some old pastor friends and hear some good preaching and reports from some great Kentucky ministries. 

I am part of the credentials team. This team works with churches as they seek to join the convention.  I get to learn about some really neat churches, see what they believe, and hear about ministry they do. At the convention, these churches were voted in to membership. It was such a blessing to see these churches affirmed.

Yesterday was a great day.  For morning worship, Pastor Duane Doyle blessed me by preaching a great message on being thankful.  He reminded me that I shouldn’t always judge being thankful by what I feel…I should look around me. These observations will provide many things to be thankful for – family, breath, health, a job, etc. 

Sunday was also my first Thanksgiving banquet at OBC.  It was amazing! Most of the church filled the gym.  People brought so many delicious dishes.  There was great fellowship with the people of the church. I love these people.  It was a

Hard working volunteers

great time!

The OBC volunteers of the week … I wish you could have seen all the volunteers that helped prepare for the Thanksgiving banquet…the hours of decorating, the hours of cooking, and the hours of setting up and cleaning up, and the kindness of those who delivered food boxes to our shut-ins. So many great people…thank you…thank you…Thank You!

…until the next step…


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