Advent-Candles.jpgThis time of year is very special to me.  First, and most of all, it is Advent! The time of year we celebrate the birth of our Lord. I love to focus each day on a scripture pointing toward the birth of Jesus.  I so much enjoying lighting the candle.  And don’t forget the awesome Christmas music we sing.  What a joyous time of year!

Two, it is the time of year Southern Baptists take up the Lottie sbcv-lottie-moon-feature-161006Moon Christmas Offering. This offering goes to 100% support our missionaries in the field.  They have been called of God to go…and for those who have not received that call to go overseas, we are called to send…i.e. financially support them. It takes lots of money to keep close to 5,000 missionaries on the field.

December is a month, as believers, we have so much to be thankful for! Jesus, no brainer. And our missionaries that are out in the field sharing this month boldly about the reason for the season:)

11666147_1472843779676116_522624669422988900_n.jpgThe OBC volunteer of the week is Ginny Spears. This lady is amazing. For the Kingdom, she has served in the local schools; filed and organized material at the church; studied other children’s ministries at local churches to benefit OBC’s children’s ministry; shopped for Affordable Christmas, and countless other tasks to help OBC. I am thankful for her heart and willingness to serve where needed:)

…until the next step…


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