My First Christmas

cvMy first Christmas as a lead pastor.  What is a lead pastor supposed to feel at the end of the year? It is a busy time.  I am sure some pastors are tired.  The end of the year is a blessing because you spend some quality time with family.  I am sure there are mixed emotions for pastors.  Here is what I am feeling:

  1. I have been a lead pastor for 7 months. YEAH! I have never been a lead pastor.  This is a personal record:) I absolutely love being a pastor.   
  2. I am proud of OBC! She has blessed the socks off of the community. WOW! Christmas for children in need, widow/widower’s banquet, volunteering at the local school, Christmas Children’s Play, and Christmas Cantata.
  3. I am excited to continue teaching the Bible. I LOVE GOD’S WORD!!!! I love to study it and share it with others.  I am blessed that OBC wants to hear it.  I preach 25 minutes on Sunday morning. Sunday Night, I teach 55 minutes on theology and a 1/3 of the church is there. I am amazed of the hunger for the Word 🙂
  4. I have a passion to connect the community with OBC. We have done several outreaches this year.  Many unchurched have come.  These outreaches are the first step for people to get in the church.  I am excited to see how the Lord leads this year 🙂
  5. I am blessed to be able to take some vacation time and be with the family. My family is my rock.  I love them so dearly.  They support me in ministry.  The serve along side me.  I am absolutely blessed by these three people!

Look out 2017 🙂15590944_1343095455723821_368727680521900942_o

The OBC volunteer of the week is Rick Howerton.  He isn’t a member but he is a friend of OBC.  We are without a music minister and he stepped in to lead our Christmas Cantata.  He is an unbelievable music leader, teacher, and care giver.  The people fell in love with this man.  Thank you Rick for all you did for OBC!

…until the next step…


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