Happy New Year!!!

16670-happy-new-year-to-eweWhat a great holiday season! I loved going through Advent with my family and OBC! Christmas was such a blessing. I was able to take some vacation and spend it with my family. Being with my church family was an awesome start to the New Year. I truly feel blessed! 

This past month was a great time of worship, growth, and fellowship.  It has allowed me some time to think about pastoring in 2017.  As a pastor, it is a great honor to preach the Word. Being a pastor, I am held spiritually accountable for being the guardian of the Gospel at OBC! I am charged for teaching and providing opportunities for growth for the people. I must hold people accountable to the standards of the Bible. All of these duties are big tasks, but I am so humbled to be in this capacity for the Kingdom.  So excited to be used in this way.

As a pastor, I just wanna take the people deeper into God’s Word.  Our foundation is the Bible. As the church fulfills her mission, it is pivotal that we know who we are in Christ. 

This year, OBC will focus on finishing up a verse by verse study of Acts on Sunday morning.  Sunday night will be a focus on theology.  Wednesday nights, OBC will have a prayer meeting with a Bible Study on characters from the Old Testament. I love me some Bible:) The people of OBC do too.  

Look out 2017 🙂

The OBC volunteers of the week are Mary Benson, Darren Parrish, and Mike Lee. This group of people have given their time to provide OBC with some great worship. During this time of searching for a new music minister, they are filling in the gap and bringing us to the throne of God each week in worship! I am thankful for leaders like them.

…until the next step…


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