16114677_1380438531989513_9099660050764613707_nThis past Sunday, OBC had a men’s breakfast. I know OBC is notorious for going big on their fellowships, and this one met the prerequisites for a fellowship.  I walked into the
church and was overwhelmed with the smell of country ham. WOW!  Plus, the kitchen served up bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, eggs, juice, and coffee.  The fellowship hall was full of hungry men.

16265798_1380686451964721_6505280081901037075_nThat same day the men filled the choir loft to lead in worship. It was a great experience being in the middle of an all male choir. I just love choir.  🙂  The church was blessed by the men’s willingness to lead.

The part that I didn’t think about was the effect of a pound of salted meat on the belly as one speaks. I have been dehydrated in the Army, but I think this is the first time I have been dehydrated in the pulpit.  I was so thirsty.  I spent the rest of the day drinking water!

The community at OBC is something special. I love being able to be their pastor and a part of their lives.

The OBC volunteers of the week are the Brotherhood Team. Those brothers were up before 16143029_1380438511989515_637900606163468265_nthe crack of dawn to prepare a breakfast feast.  I was 16265802_1380438518656181_4088572762749379671_nblown away at the all the work they put into it … and cleaning it up.  This event was a great fellowship!!!

…until the next step…


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