I Love My … Church Family!

iheartmychurchAny given Sunday, Oakland Baptist is a buzz with people. OBC is a church that has many families.  More than just the nuclear option – mom, dad, and a couple of kids – it has branches of the family tree represented.  There are many people that are related that can draw their family line through certain matriarchs and patriarchs. As a pastor, it is really neat to minister to a family and cover about 20+ people at the church. 

The community of OBC is also a spiritual family. One thing I have noticed, after 9 months, is the people love each other and they consider each other family.  I have heard more stories, seen them fellowshipping with each other, and viewed them caring for one another.  When I see this church together, I think of the early church.  They really see their spiritual journey as being a part of a family. 

I am not a number driven Pastor.  I try not to even look at how many come or how much tithe we get. I try to fight the human urge to be in control. God can deal with all the numbers:) But I do notice all the new faces at OBC.  Each week, I see people I have never seen before. I am honored that they come to church. But, I am really honored as our members greet them…love on them…make them feel rpainting-supplies-webeally at home. I am so proud of the church.

The OBC volunteers of the week are Tana Schneller, Ladonna Smith, Jane Horn, Wanda
Thompson, Gail Balance, Mark Love, …and no telling how many others who have painted around the church!!! It looks absolutely amazing! 

…until the next step…


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