Can You Believe It???

what-ive-learnedLet me tell you friends, being a lead pastor for 10 months has been very interesting. Interesting in a good way of course:)

Prior to this position, I was an associate pastor for 23 years at the same church.  This position was one in where I focused on a certain segment of the church.  I had a job description of to-do’s and completed them to the best of my abilities.  The senior pastor gave the marching orders and the associates would help make his vision a reality. Each year I would do my to-do list and whatever tasks the senior pastor needed.  If ministry was a park with multiple fields, I was just over one field.

Now, I am over the park. A bit overwhelming! I am blessed to have great leaders at the church and two godly men in ministry positions standing with me. But instead of looking at 20 checkpoints, I am looking at 100.  As pastor you are given the charge to be the guardian of the Gospel and equip the saints.  The crazy things is all the saints are different and have different needs for equipping. 

As I learn the people, I find myself thinking of them as I study God’s Word.  I write messages about passages and the Lord puts on my heart certain members that this Word would bless. OR the Holy Spirit urges me to go a certain direction with the text because someone needs to hear it. As a pastor, it is a great joy to see the Holy Spirit’s leading affirmed. WOW! To share an inspired Word and that person I was thinking about come up and say, “Thanks pastor. That message was for me.” Or, when I feel urged by the Spirit to preach a message for an unknown person, and that person comes up after the service to share how the Word impacted them. Wow!

blessingsIt is truly a blessing to be a lead pastor. It comes with its stresses and moments of anxiety, but overall I am amazed daily and thankfulness for my call. I pray that I may always stay humble and forever be a student.  May I always be open to the Spirit’s moving and never depend on my own abilities but look to the Lord for everything.

…until the next step…


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