What’s My Motivation???

lego-weightsThis past week, Pastor Duane and I went to a seminar offered by Lifeway entitled Pastor’s Essentials. It was a great time with other pastors and some great teaching on what it takes to be a pastor.  I was really instructed on some topics I don’t make enough time to think about. 

I love to teach and preach about the Bible.  Most times, I think about speaking on God’s Word three times a week and I get excited. Speaking three different messages each week takes time. I put lots of study, thought, and prayer into each message. But this fuels me:) 

What I don’t think about enough is the future. Are we offering enough discipleship options for the people? What do the people need to equip them to share the Gospel? As more and more people come to OBC what happens if we grow larger than our sanctuary. These are important questions. But I feel very overwhelmed when I think about them.

Overwhelmed, not because of growth, but because of the temptation to focus on numbers and facilities. These topics can become such a golden calf for pastors.  To be the biggest church in the area…to have more money…to me, are very dangerous things to think about for ministers.  I wanna provide for a need, but I don’t want to be consumed with growing to a certain number of people.

Be it in an upper room, a boat, or the side of a mountain, Jesus just focused on the people and sharing God’s Word.  Lord, let me be like Jesus! 

…until the next step…


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