Not Your Grandma’s Church

grandmaThis past week, it was great to finally meet Jake Sanders.  He is an OBC member whom God called to move to Las Vegas to work with a church plant, Verve. It was fascinating hearing about the ministry of which he is a part.  Las Vegas has a high concentration of broken people.  People that are in desperate need of Jesus. 

Our churches have a common link … Jesus. The Bible is taught boldly at both, but there are some differences in worship styles.  Music is loud at Verve and incorporates top 40 radio songs at the beginning.  They have found that many who come in with arms crossed and a dislike for church find a connection with the music that causes them to give the service a chance.  Next, is a light moment to get people laughing and relaxed, and then they transition into worship songs and a sermon.

Jake said that most people that initially come to Verve hate church.  They come to prove their thoughts about church. That it is a building full of fake and bigoted people. 

It is truly a blessing to hear the stories of people coming to know Jesus. Broken sinners running to a saving faith in our Lord! I am glad there are lots of different types of churches. I am glad some are doing church outside of the box. Not saying the box is bad, but if a group of people go outside the box to reach the lost…God has to be pleased.

Please be praying for Verve!

…until the next step…


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