Carlisle: Year One

batman-year-one-522af25e36be9I am a big fan of Batman.  Batman: Year One, is one of the best comics.  It is all about how Batman became the Caped Crusader.  It is his origin story of one of the greatest heroes ever! 

At the end of this week, I will officially complete my first year as a lead pastor, Carlisle: Year One. I cannot tell you how much I have learned.  I’m no “Batman” of the pastorate, but I feel like this first year, I have been blessed.

I would like to use what Batman learned in his year one as an outline of what I learned:

  1.  Have passion for your purpose – Batman knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to save his city. That means fight crime. He had a passion for that and would do all he could to fulfill his purpose.  I absolutely love the Bible and equally love teaching it to others. This year I preached 124 times, did a couple funerals, performed a wedding, and did my first revival. It was a lot of work to do all that, but it energized me. I am energized to do another year!
  2. Everyone needs a bat cave. I love when Batman had to figure something out or train to be ready for the next villain…he went to the Bat cave!  I am blessed to have a great cave, office, to work in.  The books, computers, and my guitar when I need some thinking time helps me accomplish my calling.  
  3. Know your gear. The cool thing about Batman for me is the utility belt. You never know what Batman will pull out of there. There is a fix for every problem in that belt. This year I have been more thankful for what Southern Seminary has trained me to do … be a theologian.  I have used every ounce of education this year. 
  4. Take time to rest or your body will take time for you. Bruce Wayne always pushes himself too hard as Batman. In year one, he got hurt a lot. And because of his passion for his purpose, he would push himself to a point of brokenness. OBC is such a good church to work for. They allow me time and a flexible schedule to rest. This blessing will allow me to have health to go the distance.
  5. Have a Jim Gordon in your life. Batman soon learned that having a partner in his passion like Jim Gordon, would help him be the best he could be.  I’ve got lots of partners … my family, my co-workers, my KBC friends, my pastor friends, and a great church family. The best partner I have is God though.  With all these partners, I am able to be a part of some great Kingdom work. 

Year one has been exciting, enlightening, and a bit out of my comfort zone at times.  I look forward to what the Lord has in store for year two:)

…until the next step…


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