The Best Partner in Life!

W18320656_10154967036993392_5464892823381050950_o.jpghen the Carlisle’s transitioned to OBC, Mary Beth was concerned about being a lead pastor’s wife. As you know MB is not the normal “cookie cutter” lady.  I lovingly classify her as rustic, yet feminine. She is a beautiful lady, but never shy’s away from work or serving others. So, when we accepted the position at OBC, she started researching (which is what she does best) what it means to be a pastor’s wife.  She literally sent out a survey to pastor’s wives to learn more of what this role meant.

One year into this ministry, MB is rocking it.  She loves the church so much. She visits…hangs out…works…serves…jokes around…plans…and makes many a todo list:) It has been a blessing, seeing her dive into ministry and relationships with those of OBC. Now, I am just the guy who preaches who is married to Mary Beth:) She is such a blessing to the church, family, and me.

I am preaching Proverbs 31 this Sunday for the Mother’s Day message.  Ever time I read it, I am like, “That is Mary Beth.” Anyone who knows Mary Beth is blessed. I love her. I respect her. And I am wow’d by her faith daily. Here is to the best partner!!!


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