Looking Ahead

looking aheadThis past business meeting at OBC, I communicated that when I came on as pastor there were three things I wanted to focus on: get to know the people, learn how the church operates, and pray that God would show me a vision of who OBC is.

It has been a good first year. I have made some great relationships with the people of OBC.  I feel like I understand how the church is governed and operated. I have learned some of the core values of the church are community, family, and the Bible. 

As year two starts, I again am keeping a goal of 3 simple things: Build on the strengths of the church, evaluate areas that need improving and polishing, and seek out more leaders to partner in ministry.

Some examples: Discipleship at OBC is very healthy.  We have a strong Sunday School, mid-week study, and in-depth study on Sunday night. Can we start more Sunday School classes? Could we have other classes focused on specific studies like marriage, finances, etc.? 

When you say improvement, many get scared thinking there will be big change. That is not always true. An area might just need a bit of polish. I think signage is a need at OBC. We are having many people visiting us, and they walk-in and stare at 3 doors wondering which way to go to the sanctuary. We need signs pointing people in the right direction.  We need friendly faces welcoming those who are not as familiar with the church. 

OBC needs to recruit more leaders to be involved with ministries.  Do we have teachers? Yes. Do we have Deacons? Yes. Does it look like from the outside we are good with volunteers? Yes.  But we need more because God has big things in store for OBC. We need current teachers to train-up new teachers.  We need people on committees who have never served to learn from experienced leaders on various matters. If people don’t serve, sadly, they have a danger of being a consumer. Those who give of their time see the Kingdom of God as much more than a pew.

I am very excited for what God has in-store for the next year in ministry!!!

…until the next step…


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