I was leading a study on Spiritual Gifts the other day. A book I read in preparation stated
that 10% of the church have people blessed with the gift of evangelism. As I was teaching, I mentioned what if 30 people of OBC were serving as evangelists (10% of 300). I didn’t plan to say this, but sometimes the Lord brings things to your mind as you teach.
That statement has been on my mind ever since…what if that 30 fulfilled their giftedness??? WOW! The thought got bigger…they say 16% of our county is in worship every Sunday. That is about 20,000 people. That would mean 2,000 evangelists. Granted, this is statistics and there is always a chance of errors…but let’s count that in our calculation…so, let’s say 1,500 evangelists. If we had that many evangelists fulfilling their giftedness, what would this community look like?  WOW…WOW…WOW!!! I don’t know about you, but that gets me excited!
But there is a problem…churches aren’t teaching much on giftedness. Churches are not doing the best job plugging people into a position where they can serve in their giftedness. Churches are also turning into venues of more quick-fix, self-help, entertainment instead of a house of challenging biblical teaching.  I am not saying all churches. But I think all churches would not get a good grade for equipping evangelists.
Do I have the answers? Nope. Do I see a need? Yep. Do I want a change? Yes, please. Let us all start praying now for pastors to step up their equipping game. Let us all pray for those blessed with the gift of evangelism to realize their giftedness. Begin praying for the church to be the church. If all churches did that…can you imagine what would happen?!?!
…until the next step…

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