A Rhetorical Thought for the Day…no response needed.

angryhulkA rhetorical thought for the day…no response needed. I was wondering about something this morning. Why do one or two people become “everyone’s” opinion in a certain population group? If a couple of democrats or republicans feel a certain way about a topic…all of the people in that party “thus” feel that way? Also, why does everyone seek for acceptance instead of tolerance for their beliefs? Does everyone in our country have to believe the same? If so, whose belief is right … who decides this? It is baffling for me to try to wrap my mind around why people are acting so crazy. We read or watch our chosen news outlet and that  becomes canon. People today seem so quick to judge…so quick to make very closed minded decisions with so little information.

Why does this happen? I have one friend that says it is all about money. I hope this isn’t true. A group of people would try to control media and public opinion so they could make money.

Could it be power? Is angst something so desired that it would provide a particular group power or presumed power to make decisions? Is it worth so much hate and anger for this so-called power?

Do people just want to be angry and dislike others? has this become the point of purpose for our lives – get angry? It almost looks like a core value of society is be angry with at least one person. If you live a life like this … it is not much of a life.

I am a very conservative Christian. Just typing that, there are many people who have placed me in a “camp.” I have been judged. As much as I would like everyone to have the same morals as I do, I know that will not happen. But I need to be peacefully and lovingly tolerant of others with different beliefs.

This world in which we live has become a self-made fear box…a thunder dome and octagon of battle for all things different. Let’s work toward changing this lifestyle. My faith in Christ has a basis on love. Other faith systems the same. Even atheists and agnostics have a moral code of respect of others. If all that is true…what in the world are we doing?

I write this not for debate…not for judgement. I want to present a rhetorical thought for our future as earth-ers. May we all respect and tolerate difference. May we treat others as we would like to be treated.

…until the next step…


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